About Us

Who We Are

Fertifine Advisory Service Helps Farmers Increase Yield And Income Per Acre, And Reduce Cultivation Costs.

Agricultural Consultants In Our Advisory Team Help Farmers Unravel Productive Opportunities, Across Each Stage Of The Crop Cycle - From Seed Treatment To Harvesting. They Guide And Assist Farmers To Use Equipment, Technology And Modern Processes On Their Farm.

Aim And Mission

Make India A Nation Of Champion Farmers.

Grow Crops Without Harmful Chemicals And Make India Healthy & Strong.

What We Do

Soil Testing, Water Testing, Crop Planning, Crop Disease and Solution

Crop Growth Solution, Chemical Free Growth, Satellite Crop Monitoring

What We Offer

Satellite Mapping: Advance Weather Report, Soil Water Stress Level, Pest Attack Monitoring

Farmer Support: Dedicated Farm Manager, Live Chat Bot Advice, Agriculture Expert On Call

Notifications: Spray Schedule, Water Schedule, Harvest

Know The Problem: Click The Picture Of Plant And Upload We Provide Complete Plant Health Check Report Covering Disease Or Nutrient Deficiency And Solution For It

Increase Yield: Using Our Advised Kits Make Your Produce Chemical Free, Increase Yield, Bigger Size Of Fruit And Vegetables ,Restore Your Top Soil Fertility